Considering a Health Coaching Practice? Think Digital.

Have you ever considered starting a private practice as a health coach? Have you been assessing your current job and asking yourself if there is more out there? Have you wondered what it would be like to have the flexibility and balance that comes from working for yourself?

I’m sure at one point or another in your career the thought has crossed your mind. Only to be quickly followed by thoughts of uncertainty, nervousness, excitement, and a general sense of not knowing where to start.

Starting a health coaching practice can take a lot of time, energy, and money to get things off the ground. There are so many pieces to consider. How do you handle HIPPA? How do you generate a client base or start a website? And of course, the big question – how are you different than any other health coach? Running your own coaching business can come with a lot of challenges and stresses. It can be a slow process as you hunt for office space, outline your business plan, and develop relationships with professionals who may refer clients to you.

All of this can feel overwhelming and make you think that maybe you’re not ready or it’s not the right time. So you go back to your day job and in a few months that same thought pops up again – starting the cycle over. What if there was an easier way to take the leap into private practice?

Today, technology is making it easier than ever to run a successful health coaching practice. By beginning with an online presence and software platform to manage your services, you can find clients and generate revenue without having to spend very much time or money upfront.

What makes a digital coaching practice different? For one, you can skip the traditional office space expenses by housing your practice fully online. This can save a big investment right from the start. Second, you get to decide where and when to spend your time because your office is mobile. By operating your business from your smart device or laptop, you can immediately achieve the flexibility and work-life balance that drew you to a coaching practice.

So where to start? ShoU’s health coaching platform allows you to set up your own practice in minutes. And the best part? It’s free to sign up. Get started by creating a coach profile and deciding how much you plan to charge for your service. ShoU's personalized link for each coach ensures you have a simple and efficient way to market your new practice online and within your network. Build your presence and client base on your time, your way.

To learn more about ShoU and taking the next step in creating your own practice, email

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