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Diet and activity tracking made easy.

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ShoU is strength

What is ShoU?

ShoU is designed to help you get and stay healthy through simple habit improvements. ShoU combines intelligent health monitoring with easy access to trained Dietitians.

What’s the big deal?

Lose weight, manage a chronic condition, take your training to the next level, or just feel healthier! You are the key to all of it, you just need the right tools and resources.

Health Monitoring

Health Monitoring

Access to Specialists

Access to Specialists

A Healthier You

A Healthier You!

Take an approach that is tailored to you and backed by science to achieve your health goals.

It results in something special—just like you!

Psst.. Are you a five-star Dietitian?

Run your own private practice.

  • Work where and when you want
  • Gain immediate access to potential clients
  • Pay nothing until you start earning
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